A bit of wisdom

Posted in interesant by Deconstructorul on 12 Iulie 2011

We should never think that spies are the solution. They’re part of the problem. But every new government that takes over the secret services is thrilled by them. A tired prime minister at the end of his day – bored by irritating committee work, cabinet work, all the trivial things he has to deal with – can open the other door and let in somebody who says, ‘What do you want me to do?’

Suddenly, the spook looks like a panacea – that’s how the Ameri

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can political scene has been deluded by this grotesquely incompetent CIA. It looks good at the moment because it found Osama bin Laden, but you might reasonably ask yourself why it takes six years to discover where a man’s living when you own Pakistan.

-  John le Carre



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